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Check out the the Field Trial Jacket and Field Trial Chaps.

New 2010 Designs New 2010 Designs New 2010 Designs


Huntsmith Collection

Designed and created by Rick Smith and Molly Ward. Offering products that represent the highest of qualiy and design using materials founded in tradition. All our designs are based on "form follows function". We are proud of our hunting heritage and take pride that our products are Made in the U.S.A. Embedded in family history, we answer the needs of the sportsman (and woman), through generations of experience in hunting and ranching and a proven eye for design.

Rick Smith and Molly Ward


Why Oilcloth?

Oilcloth was developed at the turn of the century by sailors who found by coating ship sails with linseed oil and whale oil made an incredibly protective wet weather fabric. When developing Huntsmith Collection we saw how this fabric was used by our families throughout generations. Why change something that isn't broken? The 8oz 100% cotton Oilcloth has been tested for wear and water resistance, obtaining the highest quality grading in the industry.


Wax cloth is not the same as Oilcloth

Wax cloth is permeated with wax which will freeze below 32 degrees and open to the cotton, which allows the water to penetrate. Oilcloth is impermeated with lanolin and mineral oils, and won't freeze. Wax cloth has a distinctive smell and is noisy. Oilcloth is very supple and has very little smell.

Huntsmith Collection

Ronnie and Susana

and Canvas...

Canvas is breathable and strong. Made from 100% natural cotton, never allowing moisture to be trapped inside like plastics. When Canvas gets wet, set it in the sun and it will be dry in minutes. In fact, I still have a bag that was given to my brother, by my father 50 years ago.




Delmar Guide Jacket

How to care for your Oilcloth

  • Always hang to dry after use, and away from flame or artificial heat.
  • Light soiling remove with soft brush and sponge with cold water.
  • Heavy soils hose rinse with cold water.
  • Do not use hot water, soap detergent, bleach, starch or any cleaning agents.
  • Do not wring, spin or tumble dry.
  • Do not iron or dry clean.
  • So not stitch anything to exterior of garment without resealing stitches.
  • Reproof garment when neccesary with oilcloth reproofer.
  • Huntsmith Collection can retreat your jacket, call for information.

Remember, your Oilcloth has been made to give you years of wear, but a bar of soap will leave it bare!




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